My name is Krista Smith and I graduated from the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion Design in December of 2011.  It has been my dream to become a designer capable of bringing my sketches to life.  I had tried for years, unsuccessfully, and Mrs. Kamran finally made that dream a reality.  She is a dedicated and passionate teacher.  She pushes you to be a better designer even when you don’t really have that confidence in yourself.  Because of her passion for teaching and confidence in me, I have accomplished a lot in this short years time.  I am now a Design Liaison for a prestigious company.   I started off in a clerical position last July and was quickly promoted.  I now get to travel for the company to work on the design process with vendors around the world.  They even throw me a bone now and then and let me design some small pieces!!  I hope someday to become a full designer there.  I was also one of the 2 new Arkansans chosen for Designer’s Choice.  It was an unbelievable/terrifying experience and I would not have made it through without Mrs. Kamrans help and insight.  I mean I had the chance to show MY line on a stage in front of a huge audience!  It was AMAZING!  None of this would have happened without this school.  If your dream is to become a successful designer, this is the school that WILL make your dream come true.”  Krista Smith



“My name is Snee Dismang, I graduated from Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion Design in May 2012, after finishing a 1.5 year program with a diploma in Fashion Design and Construction.  The school and Mrs. Kamran truly changed my life in that it allowed me to follow a dream to be in the arts of making (couture) clothing.  I wanted to use Indian saris I had and  turn them into wearable american clothing.  The school gave me a platform to try out for the Designers Choice Fashion Preview show that happens in Little Rock each year.  I was one of two new  Arkansans chosen to showcase my line, I could not have done it without Mrs Kamran’s help.  She motivated me and believed in me so strongly, she gave the confidence that I needed to know that I am following the right path for my life.   Her knowledge and talent in this industry cannot be matched in Arkansas, each class session did not feel like I was going to school it was such a fun year.  The school is all hands-on and will give you the know how to be successful if you put in the time and take it seriously, there is no room for taking this school lightly you need to be there to learn and put in the extra effort at all times.  In the future I plan to make my own textiles after traveling to India for extensive research and design, construct garments, but until then I will continue to use my exotic fabrics and make beautiful designs Thanks to this wonderful school and the team behind it.” Ms. Snee Dismang


“It has always been a dream of mine to become a fashion designer but I never had the knowledge of using a sewing machine or even putting garments together. It was amazing to discover the only fashion school in Arkansas and it was a blessing to attend Jamileh Kamran’s School of Fashion Design. I learned everything neccessary to have a successful career in designing and definitly plan on pursuing Fashion full time. My goals are to design in fashion shows all over  the world. Attending the school was one of the best decisions I have made and I consider it a dream come true.” Ms. Angela McKenzie






“I am currently a student at the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion. I originally planned on taking a few classes to inspire and challenge my creativity and love of sewing, but I quickly realized how unique and rare this couture school is, and made the decision to enroll in the fashion degree program. Under the leadership of Jamileh Kamran, students are instructed in the art of couture pattern drafting and sewing. She combines her love of teaching and expertise in couture methods, and gives her students the most professional education and creative experience possible. She unselfishly gives her time, talent, and support to each and every student, and inspires us all to grow, to explore, and to reach our individual goals. The school means so much to me. I have learned more than I can put into words! It is place where each week I can tune out the rest of the world, and concentrate on something I love to do. I am grateful that the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion is located here in Arkansas, and that I have the unique opportunity to learn the art of couture sewing methods under the expertise of Ms. Kamran.” Ms. Darby Logan




“A few years ago I had heard through the grape vine there was fashion design school starting here in Little Rock. My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to check it out.  I drove to the heights off Kavanaugh, and walked into a store called Jamileh Kamran. When I walked in I was greeted by Jamileh with a lot of enthusiasm, and passion in her eyes.  She spoke about her class, the lessons, and the tools she could teach me if I was serious about joining her program.

 After we spoke I remember leaving and thinking to myself, I’ve always wanted to design my own clothes, I’d be stupidnot to take advantage of this opportunity. I had already started a T-shirt line, but I was wanting to take it to another level. I thought about it for a couple days, and thought to myself it starts next week, kinda to short of a notice. My dreams were telling me different, so I went on, followed my heart, and enrolled the next day.

 Jamileh and the school changed my life, and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed into becoming a fashion designer. I’m forever grateful for what all she taught me, and thank God everyday I walked through those doors. 3 years later, every month I travel to cities such as Miami, Michigan, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Dallas selling my clothes at music festivals. Not only do I get to have fun traveling, but my clothing is being seen by thousands, and being worn all over the country.

If your not going to take the class serious, I wouldn’t even bother wasting her time. It’s a hands on class, that requires 
outside work, and practice. You’d be amazed how easy it is to forget simple techniques when you don’t keep up the work. If you do have a passion, willing to work, and take these classes serious, then this is a class for YOU. The tools to succeed will be given, but the end results will be depending on you… Thanks for everything Jamileh.”  Chris Hess                                           



“While enrolled in the school I learned the principles of design and drafting, sewing techniques, and how to translate a vision into reality.  Studying under Mrs Kamran taught me to take my designs and, one step at a time, go from initial concept to reality in a sequential and logical fashion. The sewing techniques stressed an attention to detail that to this day sets my work apart.  One of the final things that I learned was to take a concept from initial idea to final product.  Again, all of the techniques she taught and the order they were taught in led me step by step to this final revelation and provided a structure in which my work could be allowed to grow.  Design and drafting form the backbone of what I was taught as a student there and the structure of how things were taught built one atop the other.  
This school had a tremendous impact on my life and I consider myself lucky.  When I first walked in I knew that I was going to get into this school and that I could learn a lot from Mrs Kamran after our initial meeting.  These two things drove me to improve my skills and come up with an idea of the direction I wanted to take this part of my life (little did I know that it would consume me).  This school and Mrs Kamran quite simply ignited my passion, a passion that I think Mrs Kamran rightly saw in me.  In a lot of ways, Mrs Kamrans school of design gave me the focus my life was missing.
This school and what I learned in it has been a major feature in my current and future plans.  Now I live in Reno, NV, and I have had to scale my clientele down because of the amount and type of work I have received.  I am currently designing 12 pieces to be entered for consideration in a couple of fashions shows in a few months.   Finally, I am also in talks with some people who want my designs to possibly headline a mensware fashion show they are considering putting on in the next year or so at Lake Tahoe.  By attending this school, I have met and exceeded my wildest dreams.”  Edward S. Coleman

“Fashion has been a part of me since I can remember. My journey to that dream began with designing doll clothes when I was five years old as I sat watching my mother sew. Although, I took a career path that led me into business management, my dream of being a fashion designer was always greater. In 2001 I took a leap of faith and started my own company, Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas. Designing and sewing had always come natural to me but I didn’t have the knowledge of pattern drafting techniques. I quickly found that the cost that came with hiring a pattern and sample maker was enormous. Those cost alone were a great hindrance to an up and coming designer.
Upon moving to Arkansas, I discovered the Kamran Fashion Design School. I was utterly thrilled to discover that not only was Mrs. Kamran’s school capable of teaching me to make my own patterns, her skill and expertise were stellar. I enrolled and graduated the entire 5 course program. Upon my graduation I was equipped with the ability to transform my I design idea from concept, to pattern, to completion. The techniques taught by the Kamran School of Fashion Design are a lost art that I wouldrecommend to any designer that is serious about perfecting their craft.
The meteoric rise of Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas has included appearances at some of the industry’s most highly acclaimed and prestigious events, featuring a growing number of “A” list celebrities. Romás by Linda Rowe Thomas celebrity styling has graced red carpet events such as the Golden Globes and the 2011 ESPY’s . Some of the notable actresses and celebrities include Kathy Jordan Sharpton and Kellita Smith of “The Bernie Mac Show”. Thomas’ designs were also recently featured in Heart and Soul June/July 2011 issue worn by WNBA champion, Candice Wiggins and the September issue of New York’s premiere fashion magazine Ouch, featuring model Ann Hall.”  Linda Rowe Thomas
“Growing up, all I wanted to be was a fashion designer. Watching my mother sew, I used to gather the scraps and hand stitch doll clothes. I eventually bought my own machine and attempted to make my own clothes. Twenty years, two kids and a programming career later, I discovered the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion. From our first meeting I knew I had made the right decision. Mrs Kamran is warm, patient and very knowledgeable.  She teaches in a way that’s easily understood while respecting our individual design aesthetics and ensuring we maintain couture level detailing and construction.One of the things I appreciate most about Mrs Kamran is how she pushes us and encourages us to strive for perfection.  She is constantly presenting us with opportunities to showcase our designs. I would recommend anyone interested in a design career to contact Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion.” Shonda Stroud Ali-Shamae


“From 2000 I’ve been drawing fashion and doing a little fashion design with limited sewing skills.  I knew basics and if a store bought pattern wasn’t too hard, I could make it.  I’ve wanted to go to a fashion school or at least take some sort of classes in order to expand my passion.  I was told of Jamileh Kamran’sschool through a coworker.  A few months went by and I happened to see a flyer with her school’s information.  I showed my wife the flyer and told her I wanted to eventually go to the school whenever the resources were handy.     I didn’t think much about it as I was still designing and had even started my own bow tie line with some patterns I created.  I’ve worked in men’s fashion for the last 8 years and was comfortable designing and sewing menswear.  I really wanted to diversify my skill set and work in womenswear as well.  I truly wanted to create an entire line and brand of men’s and women’s clothing, yet “reality” seemed to be in the way of my dream.  The usual excuses would surface (time, money, work, family, time, money, money, time, you get the picture) and one day the decision just had to be made and my wife was the one to actually make it.  She surprised me with a gift of my first sewing class at Jamileh Kamran’s Arkansas School of Fashion!     I was ecstatic.  From day one I felt like this was where I’ve needed to be and I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  My passion and dream for designing and creating was being fulfilled!  Thanks to many, many hours of class and construction I am confident in my ability, skill, potential and excitingly will be showing in my first major show, debuting J. M. Gentry’s menswear line.  Mrs. Kamran specializes in women’s couture but has helped much in showing me how to adapt what I’ve learned into menswear as well.     As much as fashion changes, hemlines vary, shoulders and lapels widen or narrow one thing that will always stand is my foundation of great tailored, taught by Mrs. Jamileh.  My appreciation can never be fully expressed in words but please understand with every stitch I sew, I say Thank You!”  Erik Sellers  J.M.Gentry’sFounder/Head Designer 

Theresa's Designs“I have wanted to write you for quite some time to tell you how thrilled and happy I have been with the Arkansas Fashion School.  A few years ago, I saw a pamphlet/brochure telling about your school. I was so excited to see what your school offered.  I was familiar with your name and of some of the work you had done.  I knew this was a great opportunity to study under someone with such a vast successful background.  For so long, I had wanted to take classes which taught techniques in designing, pattern making and draping.  I knew attending your school would be the answer to my dreams.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class.  Each week your classes have been filled with information based on your knowledge and experience.  You have been so willing to give all of us everything we could possibly want to know about our craft.  You have offered so much more than I could have ever dreamed.  You give us direct attention throughout the classes – even when each of us may have a different question.  You have taken each of us under your wing.  Several weeks ago, there were a couple of fashion shows that many of the students participated in.  You gave so much of your time to each of your students.  I witnessed you encourage and mentor each student.  You even gave up some of your family time to teach the new designers (students) to fit their designs to their models.  You wanted everyone to have a wonderful experience with their first fashion show – and you made that happen.  Your experience, dedication and love for your profession is felt in each and every session.  I am so thankful of your willingness to pour out your knowledge, your classes offer more than I ever dreamed.  It is definitely a privilege to study under you.  Thank you so much.” – Theresa Batson



 “Attending fashion school had always been in the back of my head for as long as I can remember.  Originally from Atlanta, I landed in Arkansas after my husband got a job opportunity in Little Rock.  I randomly googled “Fashion Schools in Arkansas,” one day and came across Mrs. Jamileh Kamran’s Arkansas School of Fashion.  The moment I walked into her studio, I knew this fashion school was far more sophisticated for me than other schools I had looked at around the country.  My situation was much different than other students because my husband and I were only going to be in Arkansas for six more months and he was going to be transferred elsewhere.  Mrs. Kamran really catered to my needs and spent countless hours with me ensuring that I complete a two-year program in just six months.  The school and Mrs. Kamran really have changed my life.  Not only did I receive first class education from one of the best designers, but also I have made my parents and my husband so proud of me for turning my dreams into reality.  With the knowledge Mrs. Kamran has embedded into me, I hope to design for Indian brides and create Indo-western garments.   Mrs. Kamran is truly the kindest, most caring person in the world.  She pushed me to make sure I could do the best I could and without her, I know I couldn’t have done it.  Her eye for detail and creativity goes a long way and it has made me want to produce only immaculate pieces.  Thank you for all of your precious time and effort with me, Mrs. Jamileh Kamran.” Jenny J. Shah



Abby's Line 2015 (2)

“Since I was 5, I have been interested in the fashion industry. I would take extra scraps of fabric from my grandmother’s sewing room and try to hand sew them into clothes for my dolls. As the years passed on, I would still hand sew, but I would try to create other garments instead of just making doll clothing. When I was 13, my mom came home and asked me if I would like to go to a fashion school. My mom met Ms. Kamran through her job as a banker, and told her about my desire of becoming a fashion designer. When I walked in the Arkansas Fashion School I was amazed. I knew this place was where I could make my dreams come true of becoming a fashion designer. In 2013, although I was the youngest in my class, I was accepted into Designer’s Choice Fashion Preview. I was glad to have Ms. Kamran guide me through this experience. I graduated from Arkansas Fashion School on April 2014 at the age of 15. Needless to say, now I am working at Arkansas Fashion School as Ms. Kamran’s assistant. I am fortunate, not only to receive great education, also I am learning all aspects of how to run a business as a fashion designer. In the meantime, I am attending high school and showcasing my line in many successful fashion shows.” -Abby Alba