The registration fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) paid to the school by the student will be retained as an enrollment and application fee.  All amounts paid in excess of the one hundred dollars (100.00) registration fee shall be refundable.

During the first 25% of the program, the refund shall be made on a prorated basis based on the total number of clock hours for which the program is licensed.  At completion of 25% (but less than 50%) of the program, 50% tuition is refundable. At completion of 50% (less than 74%) of the program, 25% tuition is refundable.  At completion of 75% of the program, no refund is available.


Leave of Absence:

Leave of absence granted for medical reason up to 30 days.  Students who do not return from leave of absence will be terminated.

  1. Students who accumulate absences of more than 15% of the scheduled classes of Arkansas Fashion School shall be terminated.  However, the school recognizes the following reasons for an excused absence:  death in the immediate family, job-related interviews or testing (with approval of trainer), physical for job placements, personal illness and inclement weather. 
  2. Inclement weather is a normal part of life in Arkansas. Because of this, our policy is to follow the schedule for inclement weather of the Little Rock Public School District.  However, if the student commutes some distance, he should use good common sense to determine attendance during bad weather.
  3. School holidays such as summer vacation and Christmas holidays shall not be considered as days of absence.
  4. The school shall maintain and accurate record of attendance and absences.
  5. Tardiness: A student will be counted tardy if 30 minutes late.  Three tardies will equal one absences and student will be placed on probation attention for 4 weeks.


All class time missed must be made up during the approved time set up by the instructor to complete the total hours required for the course.  Make-up work shall not be authorized for the purpose of removing an absence.



Grading System:

                                    A————–90-100% of completing school projects for each course enrolled in
                                    B————–80-90% of completing school projects for each course enrolled in
                                    C————–70-80% of completing school projects for each course enrolled in
                                    D————–60-70% of completing school projects for each course enrolled in

In order for student to graduate a student must bring 12 designs (outfits) to school one week before graduation.  Eight of these designs (outfits) can be what the student learned as school projects, completed, throughout the two years of fashion study, and four completed new designs (outfits) sketched, and tailored: one must be from each category: Casual, Professional, Cocktail, Semi-formal, and Formal. Created by the student without the help of instructors.

A student shall conduct himself / herself in a good and acceptable school behavior.


In case of any problem or question, please notify Jamileh Kamran immediately.