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In this course, each student will learn the basic techniques needed to succeed with their further courses. This course will help everyone to succeed with the following courses.


This is a fun course all about fiber.  Students will learn many different types of textile fabrics and how they are made in so many different ways such as , Natural Fiber, Man Made fiber, Animal Fiber, and New Technological fibers.  Students will also learn about the History of Fashion Design and the History of Well Known Designers and the knowledge of Fashion Design throughout history and how it affected fashion world today.  During the Silhouettes study students learn about the different body types and how to choose and create the perfect design for different type body.  The Fashion Sketching lesson will teach the art of drawing and illustration to create timeless fashion.


This course is where each student will begin to make designs. They will learn the many types of skirts like the Circular, Gored, Pleated, and more.  During the course they will learn how to make the patterns for these skirts and will make doll size example skirts. Towards the end of the course they will create a full size skirt of their choice, to make for themselves or for anyone they choose, this skirt will be the final project of this class.


Intermediate Design 002 will teach the student how to create the patterns of blouses, sleeves, and collars. During this course, each student will learn the steps that are needed to take to create any blouse, dress sleeve or collar. By the end of this class, each student will need to create two blouses.  First blouse must be long sleeve, with cuff and one of the collars learned, and the second project will of their own design.


In this course, each student will learn the types of pants. The student will also begin to learn the Chanel Jacket. They will learn the steps in creating many types of pants and a Chanel Jacket. Each student will begin by learning how to make the patterns of those pants.  Then they will make doll size examples of each type of pants.  To complete this class, the student must design and tailor one pair of pants and one lined trousers in model size.


Couture I will help the students to learn more designs of blouses, Jackets, professional jacket sleeve, and a coat. Each student will create 9 designs to be drafted.  Three will be chosen to be completed as the final projects for the course.


In this course, the student will learn two more types of blouses, a J-Pocket, and four different types of jackets. They will be given time to learn how to make the patterns for each design.  Students must draft all patterns.  Three designs will be chosen as the final projects for this course.


This course emphasizes outerwear and formal wear, two different capes, four different coat designs, and one formal will be patterned.  One coat, fully lined, and one formal, fully lined must be completed to finish this course.


This course helps students to create their idea and vision on the mannequin. Also, this course will teach the student to create beautiful designs by draping their fabric on the mannequin to form the exact look of their sketch. They will create patterns from the draped muslin. The student will need to create, drape, and complete all eight designs given in the course book.


Combined with the flat pattern skills that students already accomplished in previous courses, they will be able to explore different shapes, silhouettes, and perfect fit for their desired designs. The student will need to create, drape, and complete all nine designs given in the course book.


In this course, the student will learn the business side of being a fashion designer, they will also need to complete their line of twelve outfits for their graduation, a trip to Dallas Market, apply for their license, and much more.